Hall №3
Working with memory
Exhibition of works from the collection of the Biruchiy art residence
19 January 2024 - 19 February 2024

On January 19, at 17:00, the exhibition “WORKING WITH MEMORY” will be opened with the support of the Biruchiy Contemporary Art Project.

The KhRAM has long since turned from a “temple of muses” into a place of socio-cultural action, and we are increasingly choosing complex, sometimes traumatic, but relevant topics for our society for museum projects. Among them are the fight against stereotypes about the division of Ukraine into the West and the East, the search for one’s own identity through in-depth self-reflection, and work related to memory. In fact, working with memory is one of the museum’s priority areas. Namely, the formation of cultural memory, without which further development of Ukrainian society is impossible.

So what is memory? How does it form and work if we are still in the midst of the tragic experience of war? What will we take with us into the future out of this enormous volume of memories?

From a scientific point of view, memory is a complex mental process that consists of fixing, preserving, and reproducing previous experiences. Given the events in our country, the experience is very different and mostly traumatic. However, with this exhibition, we tried to explore one of the aspects of memory preservation, namely, the importance of creating “places of memory” where, according to the French researcher Pierre Nora, “memory crystallizes and finds its refuge.” The most important function of such places is to preserve the memory of a group of people about certain events.

Since 2006, Biruchiy Island has been a cult place on the artistic map of Ukraine, hosting the annual Biruchiy International Contemporary Art Symposium. Over the years, the residency has become a special territory for the creativity and collaborations of more than 300 artists from 19 countries. Since March 2022, this part of Ukraine has been occupied. An impressive space of freedom with the flavor of the salt sea has turned into an inaccessible desert island. All that unites us with it now are the clots of memories. And also the works of artists who lived and worked there. We are confident that these priceless artifacts will become important factors in the formation of our long-term memory, which has the greatest impact on the formation of identity. An identity without which a nation cannot exist.

The exhibition includes works by such artists as: Volodymyr Budnikov, Viktor Pokydanets, Oleksiy Markitan, Oleksa Mann, Roman Minin, Albina Yalosa, Vitaliy Kokhan, Anton Tkachenko, Larysa Stadnyk, Artem Volokitin, Tetiana Malinovska, Oleksiy Rastiapin, Serhiy Dubovets, Oleksiy Yaloveha / Yalo, Daryna Barybina, Yulia Belyaeva, Yuriy Koval, Maksym Mamsikov, Sofia Pomohaybo, Vlada Ralko, Andriy Stehura, Elmira Shemsedinova.

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